What we do

Standard CNC Machines

We have a wide range of standard machines that are built locally using high quality parts sourced locally and around the world. Our aim is to produce serious machines that will give many years of reliable service.

Custom Machines

Although we are a small company, we have the imagination and expertise to help you solve production or development problems.

Onsrud Cutters

We are the distributers for onsrud cutters. LMT Onsrud is a market leader in the cutting of composites, aironautics, and high cost materials. They can also be cost effectivly used where cutting finish is very important.

CAD / CAM Software and CNC Operator Training

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to CAD and / or CAM packages and running CNC machines. If you are looking for training please check with us to see if we support the product you are needing to learn,

Cutting Service

We are able to cut your material on our machines should you not have one, or if you have an overflow of work. Our cutting rates are reasonable and our cutting department has many years of experiance.

Retro fitting of machines

We can upgrade your CNC to our system. We have helped many companies to be able to use their machines that have not been working properly.