(AEM – Helical Rack & Pinion – 6500x250x200 – ATC)


This machine is mostly used to produce parts for made from extrusions such as Aluminum doors, windows, caravans, canopies, ladders and cupboard doors.  The Extrusion Machining Centre can produce holes, slots, profile cuts, and threaded holes, so that the locks, handles, hinges, brackets, and wheels can be mounted. If you want quality components for your aluminum business, this is definably a way to achieve it.

The material is held by pneumatic clamps while the machine makes holes and slots on 3 sides of the extrusion using aggregate gearboxes to do the sides. This machine is ideally suited to companies that make high production quantities of aluminum parts.

The unit is usually supplied with an ATC allowing it to complete the part without human intervention once the Start Button has been started.

The Extrusion Machining Centre has two options for the control G-Code or Appliance:
  • The G-Code system uses standard G-Code to run the machine making it very versatile but requires the operator know a little bit about G-Code. It has a similar feature set to that of a CNC Milling machine. The G-Code can be produced by a drawing office using CAD or by the operator using Wizards.
  • The appliance control system is designed to work from parameters that the operator enters into the machine. These parameters are saved on the machine and allow the operator to keep a library of programs.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy welded steel frame. 
  • Linear Rails machined into the steel frame.
  • Precision clamping system that is easy to adjust.
  • Brushless, AC Servo Motors.
  • 8 Tool Holders.
  • Automatic Tool Probe.
  • Masso CNC Controller
  • High speed 6 axis control system.
  • Unlimited G-Code file size.
  • Network Capability.
  • 380v 3-Phase Supply
  • Z Axis Clearance 200 mm.
  • Swarf trough to catch 95% of the shavings.
  • Light curtain to prevent operation while setting up.


  • Absolute Servo System 
  • Full Closed-loop control
  • Physical Safety doors
  • Safety Mat to prevent movement while the operator is accessing the machine.
  • Optional Saw attachment.
  • Optional Aggregate gearboxes & attachments.
  • Z Axis Clearance 100 mm or 300 mm


  • 9 Kw Hiteco ATC Spindle
  • 20mm precision linear guide system 
  • Z-Axis is Ball screw driven
  • Z-Axis has Magnetic Brake to prevent dropping while servo’s are off.
  • Cut Speed 20 m/min
  • Repeatability 0.025 mm
  • Helical Rack & Pinion on X-Axis & Y-Axis.
  • All sensors are Inductive, non contact type.
  • Homing Accuracy 0.04 mm with homing switches or 0.005 mm with Absolute Servo’s (Option).

Used For:

  • Plastic / Wood / Non-Ferrous / Composites. 
  • Cutting standard Aluminum profiles for doors and windows.

Standard Sizes:

  • Cutting Area 
  • 6500 mm x 250 mm
  • 3500 mm x 250 mm

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