Great tools for cutting Aluminum


Great tools for cutting Aluminum

Tools for cutting Aluminum

63-600 Solid Carbide – O Flute, Upcut

High-speed cutters for machining aluminum sheet and block material. These tools are optimized for use on high-speed CNC mills, high-speed machining centers and CNC routers. Aluminum Sheet and Aluminum Plate

63-400 Solid Carbide – Soft Aluminum O Flute, Upcut, ZrNCoated

These tools are specially designed to cut soft grades of aluminum and create a good edge finish. The improved cutting geometry properly forms and evacuates the chips preventing chip rewelding. Soft Aluminum Sheet

63-000 Solid Carbide – Spiral, Upcut

Designed for routing where upward chip removal, tool rigidity, long life, and high-quality finish is desired.
Fibreglass, Aluminum Sheet