Making Aluminum Parts? Use a Unicam ‘Part-Maker’.

Unicam Part-Maker

The ‘Part-Maker’ is a machine designed to manufacture small aluminum parts such as hinges, clamps, brackets, solar panel mountings, or discreet components from aluminum extrusion or other rigid material.

The unit accepts a full length of aluminum extrusion which is fed through a rotary chuck. The machine can be configured with multiple spindles one of which could be an Automatic Tool Changer. 

Once the material is fed through the chuck, it can be rotated to any position so that it can be machined, drilled, or rigid-tapped. When the part has been completely machined, it is then cut off from the extrusion by a saw blade and the new part is then driven out of the machine on a conveyor.

Most parts can be produced in about a minute, with precision machining and repeatable accuracy.

Due to the chuck design, the final piece of the extrusion cannot be machined, but this wastage per extrusion length can be as little as 100mm.

Below are examples of the kind items that could be manufactured on the Unicam “Part-Maker”.

Bracket made by Unicam's part maker
Hinges made by Unicam's part maker
Hinge made by Unicam's part maker
Heatsink made by Unicam's part maker
Hinge made by Unicam's part maker
Part made by Unicam's Part Maker