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Cabinet Making Using a Unicam CNC Router

A Cabinetry CNC Router is an automatic load-unload, high-speed, heavy-duty CNC routing machine that is essentially used in the production of closets, cabinets, and custom furniture.

Routers play a crucial role in the cabinet making industry. They are versatile tools that can perform various tasks, such as cutting, shaping, and joining wood. Here are some ways routers can benefit the cabinet making industry:

  1. Precision Cutting: Routers equipped with the right bits can create precise cuts on wood, allowing cabinet makers to achieve intricate designs and smooth edges.
  2. Efficient Joinery: Routers can be used to create strong and seamless joints in cabinet construction. Techniques like dovetail joints, box joints, and dado joints can be easily accomplished with the help of routers.
  3. Decorative Edging: Routers can add decorative edges to cabinet doors, drawers, and shelves. By using different router bits, cabinet makers can create beautiful profiles and designs that enhance the overall aesthetics of the cabinets.
  4. Hole Drilling: Routers can be used to drill holes for cabinet hardware installation, such as hinges, knobs, and pulls. This ensures accurate hole placement and consistent results.
  5. Engraving and Inlay Work: Advanced routers equipped with CNC capabilities can perform intricate engraving and inlay work on cabinet surfaces. This allows for customization and personalization of cabinets according to customer preferences.
  6. Efficient use of Material: Using software that gets the most out of your material, will make a difference to your bottom line. The process of packing the parts to be cut onto one or more sheets of material is called nesting. Most CAM software packages have some nesting capability. Simple nesting will pack the parts onto one sheet, however advanced nesting solutions will consider grain direction, multiple sheets (better efficiency), and board damage avoidance. Some packages will even remember you stock of partially used sheets so that it can use these sheets in your normal production.
  7. Board Loader: Production routers are often equipped with automated board loader which places the board onto the table and positions it accurately so that the machine does not need to wait for the operator to perform this laborious task. The board loader will usually get its boards from a stack that is place at the machine by a forklift truck.
  8. Board Unloader: Once the board has been cut, a board unloader will slide the board off the table onto a conveyor where the completed parts are taken of and sorted/packed ready for assembly.
  9. Table Clearing: No matter how good your vacuum is, if the table is not swarf free when placing the new board down on the table the vacuum hold down will be compromised. This means that the swarf and offcuts need a place to be able to go to, and the dust needs to be removed. Part of the function of the board unloader is to move the bigger waste material away from the table as it moves the cut board away, but after the chunky parts have been swept away, area needs to be vacuumed to remove fine waste particles.
  10. Part Numbering: Some machines are capable of printing part numbers or bar codes onto the boards prior to cutting the out the parts. This allows the parts to be stored and used in a non-sequential manufacturing environment.
  11. Vacuum Hold-down: In order to cut at high speed, the boards need to be held down effectively. MDF and other porous materials require air flow as well as vacuum pressure, and irrespective of the material you are cutting, as you are cutting the material, you are increasing the vacuum loss. There are many ways to prevent poor vacuum holding that we can assist with.

Cabinet Making Using A CNC Router – Making A Cabinet Makers Job Easy

Cabinetmakers can shorten lead times and minimise material handling using a Unicam CNC router. Small, mid-size, and large firms may all now manufacture doors, countertops, shelves, drawer fronts, and other items thanks to our CNC routers. Utilising just one machine and the appropriate software system, operating a CNC machine enables cabinetmakers to apply a manufacturing process that enhances production time, quality, consistency, and material yield.

Choosing a Unicam CNC Router for Cabinet Making

Unicam CNC routers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functionalities. When selecting a CNC router, you should take your spending plan into account as well as how you want to use it. You will discover that a Unicam CNC router is one of the most adaptable and practical instruments in your workshop. Keep in mind that CNC Cabinet Making is just one example of what a CNC router can produce.

This router can be used for high-speed cutting of nested parts for kit form kitchens to carved door panels in MDF, plywood and solid wood, as well as post form tops or composite materials such as Polystone.

To learn more about Unicam CNC routers for Cabinet Making or to request a quote, contact us today.

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