Unicam CNC for Aluminium Work

Our CNC technology allows for a flexible production process that caters to thin or thick material levels, unlike laser machines that can only cut profiles. Overall, CNC machines work faster than laser machines because can give a better finish that has not been damaged by heat.

Many different industries utilise aluminium extensively. There are many applications that require a good CNC machine to give their aluminium parts the correct precision and finish. Otherwise, there will need to be another cleaning up process to finish off the parts.

Aluminium is utilised in cars, trains, and aeroplanes because of its strength to weight ratio, which makes it perfect for the transportation sector. Additionally, it is more aesthetically pleasing, and its manufacturing is more environmentally benign than that of metals like steel.

Due to its adaptability, Aluminium is also frequently used to cut out small pieces of metal such as nuts, bolts, screws, frames, hinges etc. in a CNC machining centre.

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, you need to discover the best tool for cutting aluminium. A CNC machine, such as a router or mill, is the best choice since it can cut materials in accordance with the instructions provided by CNC software. Aluminium can be cut with a CNC router, while steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, magnesium, and other harder metals can be cut using a CNC mill.

Choosing a Unicam machine to CNC for Aluminium

You need a machine that can manage higher cut forces when working with non-ferrous metals like brass and aluminium. The cut forces required to produce stunning objects out of brass and aluminium are delivered by Unicam CNC routers.

A Unicam machine is built far heavier than the usual CNC router, and its industrial drive technology is often compared to a panzer tank, giving you virtually no restrictions. A Unicam CNC router can easily handle many of your non-ferrous material needs if it is equipped with the right equipment. When it comes to performing your one-off, production, and nested manufacturing tasks, Unicam provides the alternatives you need, whether you are working with brass, aircraft aluminium, sign aluminium, or plate aluminium.

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Unicam’s CNC For Aluminium

  • Cut, Drill, Edge Aluminium precisely and accurately
  • Manage higher cut forces with ease
  • High Volume production
  • Adjustable Tool height
  • Avoid Blind holes
  • Pneumatic Clamps
  • Shorten Processing Cycles
  • Improve Chip
  • Improve Production Efficiency.
Unicam's CNC For Aluminium


If you are working with extrusions, this machine can quickly drill holes, cut slots, cut out shapes, bevel ends, and cut Lenths on 3 faces of the material. The length of the machine can be made to your requirements. The picture on the left shows a machine capable of working with six-meter lengths. Generally, the profile can be 100 mm high and 120mm wide when clamped in the easily adjustable clamps. It can be easily programmed to do production of standard of custom parts.

The machine uses an Automatic Tool Changer to change between end-mills, bevel-cutters, pre-configured aggregate units, and circular saws to complete its tasks.

The clams can be positioned so that they are not obstructing the cutters, or if required they can automatically move to allow the cutters access to the material.

This machine is largely used in the door, window, and canopy fabrication industry.

Small Part Manufacturing

Manufacture of components such as hinges, brackets, clamps.

This machine has a rotating chuck and feeds the material through the chuck while it is machining it. The machine can drill, machine, and tap at any angle to the material and then cut the finished part off from the rest of the extrusion.

Unicam's Autofeed Cut Off Saw

Auto Feed Cut-Off Saw

If you need to cut extrusions to length, this machine holds the material firmly on both sides of the blade while cutting, giving you a beautifully clean cut. It can cut to length, or to register for pre machined extrusions.

The feed clamp can get very close to the blade reducing the leftover wastage to a minimum.

We Have Established Standards of Excellence

We provide flexible industry-specific solutions that have been tailor-made to simplify production while also improving the manufacturing quality.

Our products are made with performance in mind and are offered at an affordable cost. We have a proven record of customer satisfaction. By using our industry knowledge to ensure quality products, value-driven solutions, and unsurpassed customer support, we have become a leader in the South African CNC industry.

Our CNC Routers for Aluminium Work are Built to Last

Unicam’s CNC routers for Aluminium Work are made with quality and versatility in mind. This focus on excellence represents our life-long commitment to clients. We offer many customised solutions to ensure customers will benefit from our industry experience.

Standardised Methods of Production

We have a well-established production methodology that has been fine-tuned to ensure that our products are high-quality and cost-effective. Each CNC machine is made to give our customers a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our success has come from manufacturing with precision and agility in mind, traits that have allowed our customers to effectively take advantage of these systems.

A Name You Can Trust

Unicam has become a trusted manufacturer of CNC routers for aluminium work because our products get results. Our manufacturing solutions outperforms the competition at much lower costs.

By leveraging our experience and knowledge, you can help your business thrive by getting a Unicam CNC aluminium work router that comes standard with a lifetime of customer support and an industry-best warranty.

We Have the Tools You Need

At Unicam, we are dedicated to equipping our clients with the necessary tools to succeed, providing solutions that enable you to focus on being productive. Anyone from individual craftsmen to high production shops will find value in our CNC routers for aluminium work.

If you’re looking for a CNC router for sale in South Africa, or globally, take advantage of this high-quality, low-cost solution by purchasing your CNC router machine for aluminium work from Unicam.